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Silent Sunday: March 17, 2019 and SOLC 2019 Day 17

For a number of years now I have participated in something called Silent Sunday.  On Silent Sunday (every Sunday for me), I post a photo that I’ve taken in the past week that tells a story through the image.  I include no words, hoping that others take a close look at the photo, letting a story emerge in their own minds.

Sometimes the image provokes a conversation on my blog or social media.  Other times I’m not sure how the photo is received.  I can imagine using Silent Sunday photos as writing prompts for my students (although I haven’t up to this point).

So for this Slice of Life entry, I submit my Silent Sunday photo.  Although I’ve included all these words to explain the process, I will not provide words to accompany the image…I will leave that up to you to interpret!  (I’m happy to engage further through blog comments or social media if the image provokes that response.)

Here’s my Silent Sunday and Slice of Life Challenge entry for today: