SDAWP Photo Voices: Red

At SDAWP Photo Voices this month we are doing something different: a single prompt (they happen to be colors) for an entire week.  This week was red.  Rather than picking a single picture to highlight (although there is one that is the header for this blog!), I decided to create a collage (using collageit) or map of my week (a nod to my experience with the Connected Learning MOOC).  I did throw in a couple of extra red photos that I didn’t post as part of our photo-a-day challenge.


I was surprised just how easy it was to find red…everywhere.  Because of the 4th of the July holiday, I was at the beach several days this week–and I found red without a challenge!  My favorite is the red shoes picture (edited with the app colorsplash), but I also love the unexpected red apple in my own backyard and the odd assortment of three red chairs.  I’m looking forward to seeing others’ red favorites today and tomorrow as they get them posted on our SDAWP Voices “red” page!

Up next…yellow.  Hmmm…

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