Basketball Hoop with #Green Backboard

This week’s photo-a-day theme was green.  Finding green was easy…plants and trees are everywhere!  The challenge for me was to find interesting photographic subjects beyond the beautiful plants, leaves, stems, and buds that caught my eye.

And I took some beautiful pictures this week.  (Check out yesterday’s post for some examples)  And I also took a number of photos this week that I like and didn’t post.  I have a great one of green tomatoes that I’ve been tempted to use.

So I’m going to highlight my most puzzling photo for the week.  I took this photo of a ragged basketball hoop with a green backboard at a local elementary school where I attended a workshop this week.  The school is older, but well kept.  There are interesting art installations on the grounds and a super cute garden.  The only thing that seemed out of place was this particular basketball hoop with the green backboard.


There were other basketball hoops nearby–all white, and with intact nets.  So why is this one green?  And why has the torn net not been replaced?  I think there is a story here…or at least one developing in my mind.  What story does this image suggest to you?

And then…this is the perfect picture as green ends and we move to blue…

2 thoughts on “Basketball Hoop with #Green Backboard

  1. KevinHodgson (@dogtrax)

    I see some faint outlines of words or paint on the board, I think, and it had me wondering, did someone climb up the net to get to the backboard to tag the spot? I had a ghost soundtrack in my head, too, of kids playing ball as I looked at the image. The angle is interesting, too, off center and head off to the side. Interesting.

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