A Question? A Story?

I took the long way home from work today.  It is also a scenic route with beautiful vistas of the ocean bathed in the early evening sun, signature Torrey Pines gracing the center planters, and stop signs at regular intervals instead of evening freeway rush hour traffic.

My photography this week, scaly is the prompt, has not been terribly inspired.  I’ve been busy–too many meetings and not enough time to immerse myself in the projects that need attention, and require thoughtful time to get them done.

So on my way home, on this scenic route, I made a short detour thinking I remembered a piece of public art that just might fit my scaly search.  But the statue I remembered wasn’t there…so I drove a bit further and saw this house.


What?  What are all these poles for?  If you look closely you’ll see they have little flags on them. Is this construction of some sort?  Installation art?  A way to keep the birds away?

I think this photo would make a great writing prompt!  What story do you see?

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