Informational Writing

I’ve been noticing that my world is filled with text, much of it informational. When I look around I see signs that explain rules, warn me of danger, remind me of safety, let me know what is going on, and more.


I’ve noticed that much of the informational text I see includes icons or images, sometimes even diagrams. It makes me wonder if this kind of text is meant to be read or merely noticed. By noticed, I mean put on warning that there are rules or dangers to heed…and the presence of the text implies that the risk, whatever it is, is yours. A notice of liability, of sorts.

This sign I saw in the Sacramento airport car rental center seems the kind of informational text that exists to fend off questions and complaints.


I wonder who writes the texts like this. Is it someone’s job responsibility? Does it go through an revision and editing process? Who determines the clarity?

And what about something like this?


Is it informational or just entertaining?

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