Even though we are already halfway through November, this morning was perfect for a walk on the beach.  It was sunny and mild, perfect sweatshirt weather.  Most of the people in the water were in full wetsuits, but there was the occasional beach-goer braving the cool water in trunks or bathing suit.

Toward the end of our walk I noticed this heart drawn in the sand and stopped to snap a photo.


A heart is a pretty obvious symbol representing love, but there is so much more that I think of when I look at this heart.  I’m reminded that love is in the little things.  I didn’t see who stopped to draw this heart in the sand, but whoever did took the time to kneel down and represent love in some way.  This morning I know that my husband would have rather gone to the gym for his workout, but instead, he willingly headed off to the beach with me to walk on the beach…at high tide, no less!

In the long run, it’s not the big romantic gestures that matter most.  The marriage proposals on the jumbo-tron, the diamonds, and the roses make a big splash but is the bowl of chicken soup carried to your bedside when you are sick, reaching for your hand when you look nervous, and taking time off work to take the cat to the vet that really make a difference.

In my view, love is being there for the long haul.  Struggling together through the hard times and savoring the magic moments.  It’s being up when your partner is feeling down, watching that romantic comedy when you’d rather see the latest science fiction adventure, and listening to that story…again.

Love is in the little things…like a heart drawn in the sand.  And it’s not quite perfect.  I like that it is open…there is still room to grow.

8 thoughts on “Love

  1. cbritter

    Love this entry, Kim. Thank you for sharing. There is a beach not too far from our house, down in Poipu, that has a heart made in the sand with lava rocks. Many people get married there. Your heart in the sand reminded me of that one.

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Hi Cheryl,

      I love seeing you here! It’s fun to feel connected across the distances… I’m missing you! (And your writing!) Have you blogged lately?


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