A Gift to Ourselves

Is there ever a good time to work on your house?

For some reason we seem to get motivated sometime around Christmas to do major home renovation.  Last year a plumbing issue initiated some major work shortly after Christmas.  And this year we had planned to replace the floor in our living/dining room so that it would be done before Thanksgiving.  But given our hectic schedules, we are deep in the midst of it right now…a week before Christmas.

This weekend was spent tearing out carpet and throwing away draperies that had seen better days.

renovation collage

The emptiness of the room creates a cavernous echo that magnifies every sound in the house.  And the cats are not quite sure what to make of it.  They did spend a good portion of time on Saturday in supervision mode…making themselves comfortable in the midst of pulled up carpet.

cat supervisors

I’m amazed at the difference paint makes on a space!  It feels fresh and clean, ready for the new floor that will be laid tomorrow.


So we may or may not get a Christmas tree up and decorated this year…and somehow that feels okay.  There is something about the process of clearing out, reevaluating what we need and want to keep, and donating usable goods to someone else that is satisfying.

The neighbors are curious.  They’re wondering if we are planning to move since that often happens when people do major work on their homes.  But this work is a gift to ourselves…updating and improving our home to make our living environment more comfortable and welcoming.

It sure takes a lot of work and discomfort to make things better.  I can’t wait til the end of the week when we have a freshly painted room with a new floor and new window coverings.  There’s no furniture…guess we’ll have to stand to admire our freshly transformed living room.

4 thoughts on “A Gift to Ourselves

  1. Amanda Villagómez

    Enjoy your new spaces! Anytime I am on break I get the itch to clean and organize as well, not major things like this though. I enjoyed seeing your post with the pictures. The image at the top of your blog is fun as well.


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