One of Two

We have two cats.  Black and white “tuxedo” domestic short-hairs.  Brothers and litter-mates.  They’ve been together since birth…and in our house since they were 16 weeks old–almost 16 years ago.

I take lots of pictures of Phil and Jack.  They are pretty patient photography subjects who let me experiment and intrude on their space…and they are pretty photogenic and look cute most of the time.

I notice that I seem to go through phases of focusing my photos more on one of them than the other.  For a while, Jack was subject…my sons even asked if something had happened to Phil.  But in the last week or so, I notice that it is Phil that is featured in many of my photos.

Phil is definitely the one who loves to explore…and checks out every new situation in the house.  This last week we’ve had a number of workmen here: painting, installing a new floor, hanging blinds.  And when I go to take a photo, there’s Phil.


Phil has a mind of his own.  Sometimes he will patiently pose for pictures…and at other times I catch something more like this.


I can always trust Phil to find interesting places to lay.  One of his favorite places to nap is in a decorative basket on a shelf high in the entertainment center that holds our TV.  Today we found him basking in the diffuse sunlight on a low countertop that will eventually feature some piece of art (we think).


I love the interesting shadow echoing the black and white of Phil’s coloring (I had to sneak up on him for this shot!).

But sometimes Phil will pose…and let me focus my shot.  Later today Phil was sitting on a chair in some warm light.  He looked up just right, allowing the sun to highlight his eyes.  I love the way the light works in this photo.


And sometimes Phil will let us play.  Last week he let us put this cute Christmas hat on him and take photos.  He seemed to understand that we were having fun and was unusually patient with the whole experience…humoring us as the one cat who manages to look good no matter how silly his people are!


Phil has ended up being the one of our two cats who was photographed most this week. Not because he’s our favorite or because we singled him out, but because he made himself the natural focus of the pictures.  I notice that my students do that sometimes too.  I’ll find that one of my students will show up in photo after photo…and then another week it will be another student.

So this week, Phil is the one.  Who is the one in your photos this week?

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