Weekly Photo Challenge: Frames

Here’s the week 2 Weekly Photo Challenge prompt for the NWP iAnthology.  You can look back at week one here.

I take and post a picture every day, and have for over a year and half now.  Sometimes I find myself taking the same photo over and over again.  Somehow I stand in the same place and use the same angle…and the photos begin to look the same.

So to keep myself from falling into this familiarity rut, I try different photography techniques. One I have done some experimenting with is using the natural frames I find in the environment when I am shooting pictures.

Here’s a couple of my examples.  One of my favorites is this view of the ocean through the pier.  I took several other shots, but I love the way this one is like a door opening, framing the sea.

pier frame

Here is a playful one I took during my morning playground duty using the playground equipment as the frame.

playground frame

And here’s one of a window–that includes the window frame as a frame itself.

window frame

Share a photo of a frame you have found…post either the photo alone or do some writing inspired by the photo.  And feel free to be inspired by the photos of others…and either write based on another’s photo or shoot another photograph of a frame based on the inspiration of someone else’s photo.

If you also share on other social media (Twitter, Facebook, google+, Instagram), use the hashtag #frames and include @nwpianthology to make it easy for us to find and enjoy!  You can find me @kd0602.  Be sure to share your media handles too!

And if you are reading this on my blog, feel free to share your photo/response by either linking your photo or your blog to the comment section below.  I am excited to see the frames you have explored through your lens!

10 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Frames

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