Seeing Orange

In spite of the rain on Sunday and Monday, it seems that spring has sprung in San Diego.  Today’s warm temperatures brought out the bathing suits, shorts, and lots of people heading to the beach.  And there is plenty of orange around.

The vibrance of golden poppies, the amber of giant kelp, a hearty soup of fresh vegetables, pasta, and beans, hang gliders with sun shining through their colorful sails, beach umbrellas casting shadows as protection from the sun, a tangerine hanging from a tree, a tractor lumbering down the beach–used to protect expensive homes from eroding cliffs, and the sun dipping low on the horizon silhouetting the people sitting on the sand berm watching the waves roll.  I’m feeling the shift from winter as the days lengthen…and we spring forward overnight.

What’s orange in your part of the world?

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