Poetry on Day 7

My day started early today, with a flight at the crack of dawn.  On the first official day of spring break I was thinking about my students and wondering if they would continue their daily poetry without being at school.  Imagine my delight when I found a couple of poems in my inbox this morning!

Amelia spring signals

Spring’s Signals

Showers of love, chicks hatching, flowers blooming

You know that spring’s warm scented air will come soon

To bundle you up

and say you’re safe here

Photo and poem by Amelia

Alyson stump

alysons poem

(Photo and poem by Alyson)

My own poetry was inspired by some pretty unfamiliar weather for me…  I left mild San Diego to arrive in northern Oregon, experiencing a nonstop rainstorm, complete with howling winds. It hasn’t dampened our spirits (although my raincoat is pretty darn soggy!).  After being buffeted by wind and rain as we explored coastal Seaside, I found inspiration in the idea of music…and of course, a seagull!

A Stormy Symphony

She blows, her instrument tuned

to the pitch of the sea

sounding a somber melody

crescendoing to a dramatic roar.

A steady drip drop

creates the back beat in syncopated rhythm.

Birds dance, pushing their bodies

against the currents, spinning in the updrafts.

A lone seagull listens

humming along

to the stormy symphony.

Douillard 2018

oregon seagull

1 thought on “Poetry on Day 7

  1. mbhmaine

    I love your stormy symphony, especially “her instrument tuned/to the pitch of the sea.” I’ve been reading and enjoying all your recent poetry posts, but sadly, seldom find the time to comment. Enjoy your vacation and your poetry writing.


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