Small Poems: Day 9

Today’s adventures took us from the seashore to the mountains…and from cold and windy rain to mild and sunny snow.  We hiked…in search of waterfalls and views of the expansive and stunning Mt. Hood.  (We found both!)

But today is a day for a small poem.

In Search of Waterfalls

fairy waterfall

trickles down the mountainside

greening with its touch

Douillard 2018

Fairy waterfall

And here’s a small poem written by a student:


A silver streak of lightning and rainbow

they pollinate love and peace

that is their purpose.


And another:

Sparkles of Diamonds

As the sun rises

the mist falls on leaves like pieces of diamonds overhead,

I wake up

and glide into the cutting edge of the forest,

there I feel peace.


What small poems are you writing today?

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