Abundance: Day 14

Coming home means time for reflection and time to return to the daily routines.  When I woke up this morning I was greeted by the overflowing mound of laundry…which led me to thinking about the abundance of the last week.




Days of abundance overflow

wild rivers carry infinite grains of sand

mixing rain and sea water

nature’s elixir

coating my eyes

my throat

my being

freezing to icy whiteness

as we climbed the mountain

high above the city

head in the clouds

droplets run like rivers

down my cheeks and back to the sea

overflowing in a crash

of waterfalls

Traces followed me home

in my head

in my photographs

and in the pile of laundry

overflowing the basket.


Douillard 2018

And I came home to an email…a fun little list poem from a student.

A berry on a bush,
A sizzle from a pan,
A woof from a dog,
A little ladybug’s plan,
A fine line land,
A click from a clock,
And that is how my poem stops.
What abundance have you been experiencing?


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