Buoyed: #litterati Day 16

Daily beach walks make me keenly aware of the ways that trash finds its way onto the beach. Straws and plastic wrappers are common, along with bottle caps and bits of aluminum from decomposing cans.  Sometimes I find more interesting bits of trash–plastic toys, sunglasses, pieces of surfboards and more.  Today I found an escaped boat bumper or buoy being tossed in the surf…and it became today’s poetry inspiration.

Taking a photo of trash and then disposing it properly is the habit of many camera wielding activists…the #litterati.  Small acts add up to a big difference.

buoyed litterati



Bobbing in the waves

an escaped boat bumper

heads toward shore


Styrofoam bullet


spreading harmful trash

in its wake


We can all help

one photo

and one piece of trash at a time



Douillard 2018

And a student photograph and poem…inspired by the palm tree that stands tall in the center of our playground:

tyler pineapple palm tree

A Pineapple Palm Tree

Way up high in the sky
A pineapple sits on a stem with leaves swaying every which way,

held high by the stem

about as wide as your hug and as high as the
Seagulls soaring above

a rainbow of thought to feed
Your imagination


Like photography, poetry offers new perspectives on ordinary objects and actions.  What can you see anew today?

2 thoughts on “Buoyed: #litterati Day 16

  1. dogtrax

    “Small acts add up to a big difference.”
    Thanks for this, and the daily gifting of your poems and pics.
    I don’t always say that enough.

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Thanks Kevin. It’s good to know that someone is reading. I’m not as good at commenting as I should be, thanks for the reminder that it matters!


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