Sunset Silhouettes: Day 25

The upside to a busy day that keeps me away from home much later than usual is that I was driving home as the sun set.  I drove down along the coast, instead of the freeway, so it would be easy to find a place to park and head out with my camera as the sky pinked and the sun dipped lower and lower.

A volleyball game became a silhouette against the sky’s glow.  I snapped, trying to catch the ball in flight.

sunset volleyball

under the net

Sunset Silhouettes

In the pinks and oranges

of sunset’s glow

the world appears in silhouette

sharp black outlines

against a cotton candy sky

painted clouds

shift and drift

a game of hide and seek

the sun hides

and then reappears

beside the lifeguard tower

under the volleyball net

glowing just beyond reach

I chase it through my lens

playing peek-a-boo

until it splashes into the sea

Douillard 2018

sunset splash

And a student poem:

Poetry is…

Poetry is always threading and weaving into your mind,

Poetry is when I hear the birdies sing to the tune of the wind,

Poetry is a river of words splashing and crashing with joy!

Poetry is whatever you adore coming in and flying by.



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