Water Blues: NPM 2019 Day 12

How do you maximize your vacation on the day you fly out? Head to beach at the crack of dawn! The beauty of Hawaii is that the morning is warm and the beach pretty empty—perfect for that last dip in the cool blues of the sea.

And then 5 hours in the air gives quiet time for composing poetry. I’m not sure I quite got to any particular point…but maybe that is what poetry is all about. I followed the words, letting them lead me.

Day 12:

Water Blues

In the crack before dawn

morning rises fresh and new

dark becoming blue that

beckons us outdoors.

Breezes whisper nature’s secrets

in our ears

telling stories of

blow holes

and green shelled turtles

that give us reason to smile

and care.

Raindrops caress our faces

smoothing out the creases

of worry

carrying them deep

into the sea.

Stepping into the not-quite-warm


where blue cools

concerns that churn

under the surface

splashing up waves

of frothy salty foam, intricate as lace.

Our eyes follow the lacy white

into a spectrum of blues:

the palest dance

along the surface

pirouetting into fine mist

keeping the air soft and moist

the darkest dive


swirling with all the waters

through the ages.

Stories rise up

taking us on travels

through time and space

that skip and play like children

delighting in the unexpected

and wondrous.

Variations of blue

like a symphony

of sound and color

sing out

painting rhythms

on worry

sculpting melody

into hope

listen with all your senses

and you’ll hear the possibilities

as the sea performs

the water blues.

6 thoughts on “Water Blues: NPM 2019 Day 12

  1. dogtrax

    I’m not longer
    for chords,
    only rhythm
    and melody —
    the slow tug
    of the flatted
    fifths and snare
    drum rolling into
    cymbal crash –
    the lull of the
    seagulls singing:
    the blues arrive
    as more than color;
    the blues arrive
    as sound

    — Kevin

    1. kd0602 Post author

      I love that our poems are like companion pieces…”the blues arrive as more than color..” Thanks so much for stopping by and dropping off a poem to hang out with mine!

  2. mbhmaine

    Oh, I love those opening lines, Kim. “In the crack before dawn/morning rises fresh and new.” I’m glad you eked out every moment of pleasure on your vacation and shared some of it with us.Your poem is such a sensory delight–the symphony of the sea.

  3. Sheri Edwards

    I could see myself here:

    “splashing up waves
    of frothy salty foam, intricate as lace.
    Our eyes follow the lacy white
    into a spectrum of blues” —
    that frisk and flow
    between my toes,
    tickling a memory
    of long ago
    while racing,


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