Malasadas Still Life: NPM 2019 Day 14

Today I took inspiration from Go Poems, and decided to try a still life poem.  I went in a little different direction than was suggested–moving away from items of regular use, and had some fun playing around with the idea of a still life poem.

Although I’m back home from my vacation, my mind is still in the islands.  So here’s a bit of island flavor in the form of a still life poem.


Malasadas: Still Life

Nestled in a pink box

round balls of dough

rolled in sparkling crystals

of sugar wait.

Tropical creams…

mango, guava, coconut

peek out, hinting at the goodness within.

I take a bite and my mouth fills

with sweetness

that transports me to the sunfilled beaches

and the gentle breezes of tropical trade winds.

Memories of island paradise

fill my belly

all rolled up

in a delicious

Leonard’s malasada.



2 thoughts on “Malasadas Still Life: NPM 2019 Day 14

  1. dogtrax

    A poet
    sees an image
    from afar, a
    moment captured
    inside a frame,
    shared within
    the wires, reduced
    to a piece of
    frozen time, bits
    and bytes amid
    optical illusion,
    the sweet taste
    of sharing, the
    tongue licks
    the screen with
    words as still
    life, in-between

    – Kevin

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