Lifeguard Towers: NPM 2019 Day 25


Lifeguard Towers


They rest on their haunches

waiting out winter

tucked away

in suspended animation

until the warmth

of summer’s sun

(along with the the assist of a tractor or forklift)

entices them to water’s edge


Spring teases

with bright skies

swimmers tiptoe

into chilly seas

but the towers know better

and will wait

for the border of

May gray and June gloom

to make their way

to their perch

along the shore


3 thoughts on “Lifeguard Towers: NPM 2019 Day 25

  1. dogtrax

    After the beach has become silent,
    and only the tides are the sound
    still to be heard, we climb the rungs
    to gaze out to sea — wingless birds
    with an eye beyond sky — and marvel
    at the distance between where the sand ends
    and where the horizon begins:
    the moon tells her stories with
    the pull of invisible words

    — Kevin, here in New England, most of our lifeguard towers are single structures, spread out along the beach, and after the lifeguards go home, kids often scramble up there to watch the ocean

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Our towers are also single structures, but they pick them up some time in October and store them (these near the jetty), I think to protect them from being washed offshore during the winter. Sometime before Memorial Day they distribute them along the shore. I am fascinated by how lifeguard towers vary from place to place.


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