Temporary: NPM 2019 Day 30

30 poems in 30 days…poof, April is done.

Today’s poem was inspired by the art I saw carved in the sand on my walk today and the power of fleeting experiences.




Swoops and swirls

scratched in the sand

transform the expanses of low tide

into a canvas


The view from above

reveals a seascape

nautilus shells and giant kelp

dwarfing people who mill around

brushstrokes along the shoreline


Like voices spoken into the wind,

laughter shared between friends,

the magic is elusive

rising tides erase each mark

washing the canvas

into the sea


Though seemingly temporary

art experienced,

laughter shared,

words spoken

leave trails in our brains

and on our hearts


A canvas wiped clean

makes space

for reimagined creations

interactions with

space, time

sand and sea



is time enough

to make a mark



4 thoughts on “Temporary: NPM 2019 Day 30

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Thanks Molly! Now I’m finding myself in the “now what” phase. Do I keep up my daily posting or create a new posting schedule? Will I write daily if I don’t post…so much to consider! Thanks for your words of encouragement and for taking time to comment!

  1. Sheri Edwards

    Is all we are:
    Better the world
    With all you are
    With the mark you make
    In the time that’s yours:
    A joyful contemporary.

    Love your walks and poetry. ~ Sheri


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