SOLC: Headlong into the Storm

I’m not sure why I need an “official” challenge to keep up the daily writing, but whatever the reason…here is day one of my entry in the Slice of Life Challenge.  Thanks to those at Two Writing Teachers for offering this annual event.

After a week of above average temperatures, the weather suddenly turned yesterday afternoon.  The wind picked up, the clouds gathered, and meteorologists are predicting winter storms.  That actually means we have a chance of rain here by the coast and there are forecasts for snow in our local mountains!  And as much as I love the summer-like mild temps and the fact that I have been venturing into open-toed shoes in the last week, we really need the rain and snow!  Drought is unfortunately too common here–and drought means the likelihood of a fierce fire season.  And that is terrifying!

I’ve been trying to walk everyday, for both my physical and mental health.  My camera is my motivation…and the beach is my favorite location.  I wasn’t sure I would squeeze my walk in today–my husband isn’t too keen in walking in the wind–and I had resigned myself to a lazy Sunday catching up on some work that got neglected during an overly busy work week last week.  I didn’t even pick up my camera today.  But as we headed out to run a couple of errands and to grab a quick lunch, conversation turned to the possibility of a walk–and I wasn’t saying no!  My camera was at home–but my phone was in my pocket.

I love the moods of the beach.  The sky and surf, the birds and wind, the sand and rocks create an ever-changing kaleidoscope of views and conditions.  I pulled my hood up against the wind and set off down the beach.  The seagulls were swirling and squawking above me as the salty wind rushed against my face and sunglasses.  The waves chased me…teasing as the tide moved the shoreline away from the cliffs with an occasional push higher, threatening to drench my shoes.  The sun played hide-and-seek, dancing with the clouds, swinging out now and then to brighten the day.  I couldn’t resist a little game of chase with the ever-present seagulls…grabbing my phone to capture a photo or two of them in motion.

Can I maintain both a daily walk and a daily slice of writing through the entire month of March?  I’m going to try!



7 thoughts on “SOLC: Headlong into the Storm

  1. Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski

    Wow! That is a beautiful picture. How close to the beach do you live? I live maybe 10-15 minutes away but I do not get there nearly enough. I find the ocean so restorative and this post is making me think I need to make an effort to get to the beach this spring when the weather gets a bit warmer. So glad you are for the challenge!

    1. kd0602 Post author

      Thanks! I too live about a 10-15 minute drive (about 5 miles). Lucky for me, on weekdays the beach is on my way home! Thanks for the welcome. Kim

  2. mbhmaine

    Kim, I was so happy to see your post pop up in my Inbox! I so look forward to reading about your adventures this month and seeing your photos. Lucky you to live so close to the beach!!

  3. Janet F.

    I love that you are so near the ocean. We have 43 degrees and rain now. Seems to be another catch-up day along with a trip to the eye dr. (md) to check a floater issue that may or may not mean I’ll need a laser zap. Sat.’s doc wasn’t sure. Perspective. It’s the aging thing. So I love seeing your walk through your SOL words!


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