SOLC Day 31: On the last day…

I thought I would have something pithy to say on my 31st consecutive post. Instead, I offer the poem I wrote (virtually) with my students today. Our mentor poem today was William Carlos Williams The Red Wheelbarrow.

The Black Crow

Today’s quarantine inspiration

depends upon

the black crow

in the sun-dappled tree

framed by the endless

blue sky

next to the empty

parking lot


And a student version by S:

My shoes 

So many steps

I take 

They may be


Beside the concrete 


I will miss writing my daily slice–but have committed to writing and posting a poem a day for the month of April. Maybe some of the rest of you will join me!

6 thoughts on “SOLC Day 31: On the last day…

  1. jennieb

    I love when people post their writing along side student writing about the same thing. Thanks for sharing.
    Writing every day for TWO months?! That’s huge! Good luck!

  2. karpenglish

    Excellent reflection on the William Carlos Williams poem! We sat outside on our deck and watched the crow in the light on the tree too. Your examples of writing poetry with your students inspires me. I am going to try to write a poem a day in April, though.

  3. Ameliasb

    I love the way those poems embody Williams not only in style but in reflections. I’ll be back in April to read your poetry – looking forward to it.

  4. mbhmaine

    “The Red Wheelbarrow” is such a powerful mentor text. In your poem, the words “endless” and “empty” are so evocative. I’m so glad you’re going to continue writing daily. I’ve really enjoyed your slices and I’ll look forward to reading your poetry– and maybe some more from your students, too.

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