Free Organic Lemons: NPM20 Day 3

I’ve been writing poetry every day this week. I’ve written with my students, on Zoom calls with my National Writing Project colleagues, and in response to poetry shared on our San Diego Area Writing Project SDAWPoetry padlet.

I try to keep my poetry on the lighter side for sharing with my students, but find myself wallowing in the fear and uncertainty of pandemic living in the spaces where adults are writing. My energy lags at the end of the week, the crush of video conferences building throughout the week, the lack of time for thoughtful lesson planning looking me in the eye as the weekend beckons, and all my other responsibilities slipping and sliding as I keep juggling the balls, trying to keep them all in play.

I’ve discovered that a quick walk down the street is now a necessity, an escape from the never-ending screen time and a welcome break from the hard, wooden kitchen chair that has become my home office/classroom/work space. I’m starting to recognize my neighbors now that I spend so much time at home!

On today’s second jaunt down the hill, we noticed a sign…a sign that provoked a very different poem than the one I had contemplated first thing this morning.

The morning prompt, after some 4×4 breathing, was to take this line for a walk: It is possible that things will not get better…

Free Organic Lemons

It is possible that things will not get better

and then I saw the sign:

Free Organic Lemons

and I read




When life gives you lemons

lemonade is on the horizon

Look for the signs


6 thoughts on “Free Organic Lemons: NPM20 Day 3

  1. ssminnicks

    yup! Lemonade!

    After HOURS of looking, on two computers and drawers of demo and wksp folders, I thought on a WHIM to check old emails, and found the student work I was looking for…my LEMON for today!


    1. kd0602 Post author

      Awesome! I’m exhausted but also exhilarated at the end of this long workweek! Happy for you! Every lemon 🍋 is possibility!

  2. mbhmaine

    Isn’t it amazing how a single thing can switch your outlook? I feel like I swing wildly between hope/optimism and despair on a regular basis. It’s exhausting. I’ll keep reminding myself of your lines: “When life gives you lemons

    lemonade is on the horizon

    Look for the signs”
    Take care, Kim!

  3. Liana S

    I loved your poem 🍋
    The words convey the meaning in two ways – simply put – the little things in life – lemons to lemonade – sweet 💛


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