Haiku for Healing: NPM20 Day 23

My students and I are 23 days into our poem-a-day challenge.  While not all have stayed caught up…many have.  It’s such fun to watch their knowledge and skills with poetry and writing grow as they engage with written language  and ideas every day.

Yesterday I invited students to create some Haiku focused on gratitude–something I had experienced through #haikuforhealing a while back.  This seemed like a good time for some healing Haiku.

It was such fun to see what my student came up with.  They posted their Haiku along with a photo on our class padlet.  Here is a small collection of just the poetry–and notice how many students focused on family members as the subject of their poems.

And my own:

Neighborhood Nature
wind brushing my face
dappled light bouncing off trees
nature brings me peace

1 thought on “Haiku for Healing: NPM20 Day 23

  1. Carolyn Crossley

    Hi, why not join “The Daily Haiku” a great Facebook site?
    We have well over 2,500 members but are particularly looking for under 18 years old poets too. We do a daily, and weekly themes for haiku that you can suggest an vote on. We have slow renga, today. We have fast renga on Friday evenings. We also have on alternate weekends, discussion on famous haiku poets/ writing haigas – imposing a written haiku onto a digital photo, drawing or painting.
    Check us out. We are an easy-going fun-loving group and we also have Mentors should you need one. Best regards, Carolyn Crossley ©The Vixen🦊of🦊Verse.


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