Question of the Day: SOLC #8

Today in our Flipgrid question of the day, I asked my students what they miss about “regular” school. My students come to school 4 days a week–half the class in the morning and half in the afternoon–with Wednesdays as virtual days. The other half of each day is spent learning at home: independent work, often finishing work started in class. They have done this since mid-September (after a 3-week start in distance learning).

Way back in September when we first came back to school for hybrid learning.

I can’t say I am surprised by the answers. The overwhelming consensus is: they hate masks, they miss recess, and they would rather do their school work at school than at home.

And yet, they are good sports. They come to school each day eager to learn. They wear masks without complaint. They (mostly) keep their distance from their friends and classmates. They have learned to bathe in hand sanitizer and carry the heaviest backpacks ever, toting their materials from home to school and back each and every day. And they still love school–wanting more of it, not less of it.

I also make a Flipgrid video each day, answering the question I ask my students. My answer for today: I miss hugs! I didn’t realize how much hugs are part of the school day until this pandemic took control of our lives. This is my first class that I haven’t hugged–and I am hopeful that I will get the chance before the school year ends.

What do you or your children or your students miss about “regular” school?

5 thoughts on “Question of the Day: SOLC #8

  1. Chris (ReadSoMuch)

    I miss reading books at a small table with my reading groups. I am so proud of your first graders (and my middle schoolers) and all the teachers who keep smiling and coming back to school each day with a positive attitude!

  2. Julie McGowan

    I can truly relate to your post. I found myself nodding in agreement. My students would also say that they hate wearing masks and they miss playing on the playground equipment. Many of my students tell me that they would rather have “in person” school too.
    Like you, I also miss the ability to be in proximity of my students whether it be reading while sitting next to them or consoling them when they are upset.

  3. natashadomina

    That ending really grabs me. I miss hugging students, too, but I never quite recognized what you wrote–“this is the first class I haven’t hugged”. It feels like such a loss.

  4. carwilc

    Such a hard question! I miss hugs too! And group work! And projects that are not on the computer! And I miss hanging out with my colleagues at breakfast potlucks on PD days. I can’t believe we have been doing this for a year…

  5. mbhmaine

    We were just talking about missing hugs today! I am actually not a hugger, but I do miss those spontaneous student hugs and the ability to gather as a group at the carpet. I’m so proud of my students for their ongoing flexibility and resilience!


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