Beach Grooming: SOLC #10

Good grooming is important–even when it is the beach that is being groomed.

During the summer, our local beaches are full pretty much from sunrise to sunset leaving no time for maintenance other than keeping trash emptied and restrooms filled. But during the winter, seeing heavy construction equipment on the sand is not all that unusual.

Bulldozers are used to push sand into big piles, offering protection from the higher tides that accompany stormy weather. And sometimes beaches with “extra” sand are able to share the wealth with other local beaches suffering from a lack of sand.

I’m really not sure exactly what this big piece of equipment is being used for. This is not my usual beach. It’s a few miles north–not far from where I get my hair cut. And with a few extra minutes before my appointment time, it was the perfect micro-vacation getaway. 15 minutes on the beach is always worth it–and the rain held back so I could snap a few photos of the stormy blustery beach on a Wednesday afternoon.

4 thoughts on “Beach Grooming: SOLC #10

  1. lkalenian

    This gave me a peek into a very different day-to-day! I live on the semi-arid desert side of Colorado, which is beautiful, but living near a beach is fascinating to me. Beaches are a BIG treat for landlocked folks like me. Thanks for inviting me into your day with this slice!

  2. Raivenne

    You typed “beach grooming”, but my twisted mind saw “beach combing”. Considering the teeth of that excavator raking along the sand, it was not far off. That was interesting to learn. Not anything I would have considered as preparation for summer.

  3. ssminnicks

    Good to see you back at it! When I met Gordon in 1980 he lived at the foot of San Rafael, on the oceanfront. In the winter they would do this- make tall berms to discourage erosion. The dunes were fun to climb….thanks for the memories.


    1. kd0602 Post author

      I seem to be able to write regularly if a challenge is involved. I do love watching the ever-changing beach. Glad to bring some memories back for you! Miss you!


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