Walking and Wondering: SOLC #19

I’ve walked a lot of laps around the neighborhood. Worn a pathway through the gate, along the sidewalk, turning east and then back to the west. Passing house after house after house. I’ve watched the seasons change: buds become flowers and then fall away as spring becomes summer. The days shorten and leaves drop as summer becomes autumn. I change my walking time as dark pervades and autumn becomes winter. And a year later I’m watching those trees and bushes and groundcovers begin to bud and bloom once again.

I’ve logged mile after mile. But instead of seeing the same scenes days after day, I see new sights each time I head out. Don’t get me wrong–this pathway has become tedious, boring even. I’d much rather be somewhere else, exploring new vistas, hanging out with different people, seeing places I haven’t see before. But for now, this remains my scene.

This week I noticed that a neighbor has a structure that peeks out above their hedge. Maybe the structure had always been there–but this week I noticed that it is adorned with license plates. Utah, Hawaii, Massachusetts, California, Montana… Is this a license plate collection? A record of places lived? Cars owned? A lot bid on and won from an online auction? And what is the structure? A pergola? A shed? A chicken coop?

I don’t have the answers, but the wondering makes these somewhat boring walks a bit more interesting.

5 thoughts on “Walking and Wondering: SOLC #19

  1. mgminer

    Your descriptive first paragraph was lovely to read. There have been days when I’ve hated the same old walking routes, but I fell encouraged to get out and look around again.

  2. mbhmaine

    There can be a comfort to visiting familiar terrain, but we all seem to be longing for change in the scenery these days. That structure is intriguing. I wonder what “new” thing you’ll notice next!

  3. Stuart Danker

    Walking is so fun, and it allows you to experience things at a slower pace, instead of say, driving through a neighbourhood or something. Thanks for sharing this slice of your life so that people such as myself—all the way from the other end of the world—can experience something he otherwise couldn’t have!

  4. natashadomina

    That structure with the license plates is so intriguing! You’ve piqued my curiosity, too!–I think especially because of your list of possibilities–you’ve got me thinking of other possibilities and wondering what the answer is!

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