Roadside Attraction: NPM #17

A Saturday drive led us to a roadside attraction–and a poem.

Roadside Attraction

Not to be missed

pepto-pink dinosaur

large enough to house a gift shop

garish T-rex

with a view through

carnivorous teeth

visible from the back seat

on an endless car ride:

the perfect stop.

Who imagined

concrete dinosaurs

as large as life


drawing us back

to the land before time

with a perfect robin’s-egg blue sky

and rocky, snow-topped mountains

as the backdrop.


4 thoughts on “Roadside Attraction: NPM #17

      1. kd0602 Post author

        We wanted a nice long drive–so decided to head out to the Cabazon outlets. And since the dinos were nearby, stopped there too. I’ve been needing to get away–new views help a lot!

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