In One Breath: SOL22 Day 6

One of the things my colleague Wendy talked about yesterday during her conference session was how Haiku doesn’t have to be all about syllable count (our American school version)–instead, she talked about Haiku being a poem in one breath.

I love that idea! So I thought I would try it out–inspired by the wavy turban snail shell I saw on the beach this afternoon. I picked it up to see if the snail was inside, but it was empty–just the shell resting on the shore.

On the sandy shore

a castle spirals upward

but no one is home


Ironically, this one fits the 5-7-5 syllable format without even trying! I’d love for you to try one–with or without counting syllables, but aiming for a single breath. Feel free to leave your Haiku as a comment.

6 thoughts on “In One Breath: SOL22 Day 6

  1. mbhmaine

    I love thinking about haiku as a “poem in one breath.” That is definitely more difficult thank it sounds–just like haiku! I was actually just pondering the practice of writing daily haiku and how powerful that can be–sort of like slicing daily! At any rate, here’s my response to your photo and poem–which, by chance, also fits the syllable count.
    on a windswept beach
    a vacant castle echoes
    once upon a time

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