Seasons: SOL22 Day 18

All week, spring has been on my mind. For those of you who live where weather is variable, that might seem unsurprising. But given the consistency of weather where I live–there are people who say we only have two seasons: spring and summer–thinking about seasonal change might seem strange.

Walking the beach this afternoon I was noticing how the slant of the sun feels different–and of course, we did just “spring forward” into daylight saving time. It’s becoming more intense, is it higher in the sky these days? And then of course, there are the spring breakers: lots of young, supple bodies laid out like fish fry, soaking up the sun.

When I got home I took a look at my email and was drawn into a New York Times California Today newsletter entitled “Love Letters to the Golden State.” As I skimmed through I noticed one about my place–and I stopped to read. Yes…this particular love letter captures some of what I love about this place where I live.

Here’s what I read:

“I LOVE the seasons in San Diego. Yes, the seasons. Being a native, I grew up hearing the transplant residents commiserating, ‘There are no seasons here!’ as they stood in their driveways, happily donning sunglasses and short sleeves.

They’re missing it, I’d think. The changing shadows, the subtle and beautiful shifts in the Chinese oak trees, the brilliant and changing hues in the morning and evening skies, the homey smell of wet neighborhood streets, the ebb and flow of the scents of desert herbs … and so much more.” — Sylvia Padilla Sullivan, San Diego

Those seasonal changes fill the air–if you stop to pay attention to subtle changes. It’s about color and air…and the ocean too. And of course, the weather gets warmer, our chances for rain decrease…and it won’t be long before the foggy part of spring comes to put a nice damp gray blanket on our days.

But for now, I am enjoying the emerging spring with longer brighter days. I’m watching for the cactus flowers to appear, for the succulents to bloom, and the beach parking lots to fill. What are your markers of seasonal change? Are they obvious or do you have to pay close attention using all your sense?

5 thoughts on “Seasons: SOL22 Day 18

  1. Suzanne

    This is beautiful, as your posts usually are. For me I look forward to the bird chatter! They get so much noisier in Spring, makes you realize how many have been off vacationing in the south!

  2. tenilleshade

    We are currently visiting northern California during our spring break. The weather here has been absolutely astounding. Your reflections on changing seasons in a world far from Texas caused me pause. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  3. Charlene Doland

    I absolutely agree with you, Kim! During the two years I lived in Orange County, I was delighted to observe the seasonal changes. They are more subtle than in more variable climates, but they are there. I particularly noticed how the sky was different, depending on the season.

  4. mbhmaine

    I love how you (and the letter writer) attend to the more subtle shifts of season in your neck of the woods. Here in Maine, while the seasons are markedly different, the transitions are subtle. In spring there’s the warmth of the sun, the gradually increasing chatter of birds, the slow disappearance of snow piles. I suspect if I looked carefully, I might even find some stalwart shoots beginning to peek through the soil and some early buds on trees. The signs are there if you pay attention. Lovely post!


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