Monday Musings: SOL22 Day 21

I don’t cook, but I love watching cooking shows. Competition shows are my favorite. I love figuring out who will be eliminated, where the flaws are in their technique, identifying just what crisis will put the contestant in some kind of dire possibility of failure. But somehow, they do not motivate me to head to the kitchen. (Luckily, my husband, who does cook, also enjoys these shows and does get motivation from watching!)

Why is it that now that it is officially spring, the forecast for tomorrow is summer? The irony is that summer in southern CA generally arrives late…like July. But we are expecting temps near 80 tomorrow and Wednesday. Summer-like weather does NOT bring out the best in students.

Shoes make the outfit. At least that used to be my thinking. Lately I seem to base my clothes choices on which will allow me to get away with wearing tennis shoes. And somehow, I also seem to have more tennis shoes to wear! Granted, teaching means being on your feet all day long, so comfy shoes have always been a must, but looking fashionable (or even professional) has taken a back seat these days.

Just some random thoughts on a Monday afternoon in March (when I should be finishing up report cards)! What are you thinking about today?

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings: SOL22 Day 21

  1. JenniferM

    I’m the same with cooking shows! My favorite is Worst Cooks in America because it’s both interesting AND funny (and not as stressful as some of the others)! No matter how much fun they seem to have or what interesting dishes they make, I still hate cooking and am not in the least inspired! 🙂

  2. Charlene Doland

    In Michael Pollan’s book Cooked, he talks about how cooking shows are all the rage, and yet we cook less now than in any time in history. His analysis is that we like the shows because eating is a social activity, and since we are social animals, we are drawn to cooking and dining. Eating our takeout dinners in front of the TV…

  3. Stacey Shubitz

    If shoes make the outfit, then never look down at my feet when we meet in person. After having foot surgery two years ago, I don’t think I’ll ever don cute shoes again!


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