Critter Crisis Averted: SOL22 Day 24

Be aware of your surroundings.

Those admonitions are common, usually a reminder when going somewhere unfamiliar or someplace with potential hazards.

A momentary commotion during our neighborhood walk had my husband asking me if I wanted to take a photo.

Of what, I asked?

Of the critter you nearly stepped on.

I guess it’s the grasshopper that needs to be aware of its surroundings!

6 thoughts on “Critter Crisis Averted: SOL22 Day 24

  1. JenniferM

    Ooh, great picture! (And great twist in your story!) I love the stripes and different colors on the grasshopper – tell your husband thank you for helping you show it to us!

  2. drcarlamichelle

    Dear Thinking Through My Lens,

    This picture is so wonderfully striking. Before I even saw the grasshopper, I was most enamored with the lush, verdant leaves in the background. The contrast of autumn-colored contemporaries interspersed between is so enchanting – and your main character is most intriguing!

    I’m so curious to know what was percolating in that tiny mind of his. Perhaps he was relieved to be photographed and not crushed (smile)? Either way, your royal treatment was most befitting. He looks quite kingly as he takes center stage!

    I enjoyed this terribly. Thank you (both) for sharing.

    ~Dr. Carla Michelle Brown


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