Chasing a Snail: NPM22 Day 1

It’s April! And it’s the first day of National Poetry Month. I don’t profess to be a great poet–but I am able to share my love of words and poetry with my students–especially when I do the things I ask them to do.

So even though this is not a teaching day for me and even though Spring Break begins tomorrow and I won’t see my students until April 11th, I will write a poem each day. I know that I will be better able to coach and guide them if I am doing the poetry writing I want them to try.

I plan to use Eve Merriam’s Peeling an Orange with them when we get back to school after Spring Break, so why not experiment with it as a mentor text today? One of the techniques I notice in this poem is her use of the contrasting words carelessly and meticulously. So, since photos tend to inspire my writing, I took a peek through my camera roll and spotted this one of a snail from a neighborhood walk earlier this week. And here is the poem it inspired:

Chasing a Snail


all feet and shadow

risking the horrifying crunch

or moving in slowly

my phone a wall

as the telescoping antennae

stretch and reach

each centimeter forward

marked with a telltale spot

of drying slime

like invisible ink

in a race against

time and dryness

3 thoughts on “Chasing a Snail: NPM22 Day 1

  1. BrittnyLee

    Aw I love this!!! Terrifying crunch ! I would cry so hard if I accidentally stepped on one. Snails are so cute and harmless. Your photo captures how cute they are :-). Great poem inspired by the snail and your nice neighborhood walk. 🙂 Enjoy your spring break

  2. Charlene Doland

    Ah, Kim, the snail. Cousin to the slug, my nemesis. Maybe snails are cuter? I like how you juxtapose the snail’s idea of hurrying with the slowness with which it actually moves.

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