Signs of Spring: SOL23 Day 22

There are those out there who would say it’s ridiculous to look for signs of spring where I live–they might even say there are only 2 seasons here: spring and summer. But those people would be wrong.

It’s funny, but since the “official” change of seasons on Monday, it seems like signs of spring are everywhere (in spite of A LOT of rain this week). The tree in front of my classroom has pulled on its gorgeous light green dress of leaves…that green that seems only visible in early spring. Just a week ago I was noticing a few leaves popping…and today, it’s showing its full glory.

The succulents in my backyard, those that don’t get very much attention at any time of the year, are suddenly showing off. While always pretty in their own succulent right, right now they are sporting new buds and blossoms-to-be.

The air too is different. Even though storms have still been rushing through, the temperatures are noticeably warmer and I find myself opting for lighter jackets and relishing the warmth of the sun on my shoulders when it pokes its way out from behind the clouds.

Are you experiencing signs of spring in your part of the world? What do your signs looks like, feel like, smell like, sound like, maybe even taste like?

5 thoughts on “Signs of Spring: SOL23 Day 22

  1. margaretsmn

    We had a winter blast this week. Temperatures dipped below freezing, so I had to cover my already planted butterfly garden. It survived. Whew! And that color green you describe? All over our cypress trees. A true sign of spring.

  2. Suzanne

    I love the attention you give to those more subtle signs of spring. Here in NJ spring comes in with a lot of flair. The birds are noisy, the trees “green up”, colorful flowers poke through the soil and even the grass goes all green. One day a coat on, next day your stepping outdoors with your pup in only a sweatshirt!

  3. mbhmaine

    That succulent is gorgeous! I’ve noticed a faint wash of green over the weeping willows and last night a frog hopped across the road in front of my car. Tomorrow night we’re supposed to get snow. The weather keeps you guessing but it’s definitely trending in a positive direction!


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