What Kind of Rest Do You Need? SOL23 Day 25

Sometimes it seems like I’m always tired. Even after a full night’s sleep, I wake up feeling like I could just stay in bed all day. It seems worse since the time change, even though I purposefully gave myself some extra down time to try to make up for the “lost” hour.

A week or so ago I read an article about seven kinds of rest that all people need. Now this is really not news–I know that sleep and rest are different, and that my mind can be whirling even when my body is resting.

Here are the 7 types of rest the article outlines:

  1. physical rest
  2. mental rest
  3. sensory rest
  4. creative rest
  5. emotional rest
  6. social rest
  7. spiritual rest

It’s interesting to me that physical rest can include both passive (sleeping, laying down, napping, etc.) and active rest (stretching, massage, yoga). I’m pretty good at passive rest, not so good at active rest. It is definitely the mental rest and the social rest that are challenging in my line of work as an educator. Teaching is not the kind of job that is easy to leave at the office–and it’s also not easy to just take a break during the course of the work day. I think this is an area I need to make some more conscious effort to let my brain relax–and I think it explains why so many teachers hate to make decisions when they get home from work! That social rest is another challenge. We are people facing all day long, and it’s hard to be “on” all the time. Especially those of us who are introverts at heart can find the constant social interaction exhausting.

I love the idea of creative rest–which doesn’t really sound like rest at all. Taking photos is definitely a version of creative rest for me. And I often think I should pull out my watercolor paints or some other art more often. Lucky for me I do get to paint and draw with my students, which is another creative outlet.

Which kind of rest is your body and mind craving?

3 thoughts on “What Kind of Rest Do You Need? SOL23 Day 25

  1. karpenglish

    What a fascinating concept! Thank for including the link to the article, because I actually had not heard of the concept of different types of rest. I think for me, as a teacher, sensory rest is an important one, though that may be all twisted up with social rest. I know that when I taught in a 2000 kid high school (more people than I went to college with!) I had to look myself into the staff bathroom at least once a day to just breathe for two minutes during passing time because I just needed those two minutes of peace. I was surprised when my husband told me that was not even a remotely normal response to a workplace. Creative rest had me bewildered – I thought it meant taking a rest from creativity, which made me feel bristly. You explained it so well with the example of your photography and how it makes you feel. Now, I am going to read the article and think about what kinds of rest I need so I can get it over spring break!

  2. Suzanne

    Such an interesting slice. I think relaxing the brain is so important. Even as a retired person if I don’t allow my brain time to let go before bed I will find myself awake. Mental breaks during the day are important.


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