Breakfast for Dinner: SOL23 Day 30

It’s been raining again. I know, I should be appreciating this liquid abundance that is replenishing local water supplies, nourishing drought-starved plants, and creating conditions that will ease the water restrictions we have learned to live with. But enough already!

So…when it has rained all day–again–it’s a perfect day for comfort food. And in this household, that often means breakfast for dinner. Somedays breakfast for dinner means breakfast burritos filled with eggs and avocado and bacon. Other days it is french toast dunked into an egg mixture and cooked until it is golden brown. Tonight it is pancakes.

If you know me, you know I don’t cook. Somehow all those years ago when I met my husband-to-be over green beer (you can read our tiny green love story here), I lucked into marrying a man who cooks–every single day! So as dinner time approaches each evening, he serves up love in the form of a meal. He makes it look easy as delicious aromas begin to waft through the house. “I’m whipping up a compote for the pancakes,” he says as I peek into the kitchen. He knows that maple syrup is not my go-to pancake topping, so he gathers this and that from the fridge to make something he knows I will love.

The (decaf) coffee is gurgling, there’s bacon in the microwave, and pancakes are almost ready. There’s something warm and cozy and comforting about pancakes for dinner on a rainy day. Almost makes another rainy day worth it!

2 thoughts on “Breakfast for Dinner: SOL23 Day 30

  1. ssminnicks

    compote is perfect for the not ripe/too ripe pears from Trader Joes, or apples a’plenty, and nothing’s wrong with lunch-for-dinner, aka tomato soup and grilled cheese!!!



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