Endings (in a sijo): NPM23 Day 6

On a bittersweet day, a heading home day, a too long on the highways and byways day, the poetry prompt at #verselove was to write a Sijo. Please don’t count the syllables too closely!


Senses fire, awake alert

breathing, gulping nature’s power

Around each bending slanting

slipping path, eyes hugged by mountains

Driving home in deep monotony

reflection stirs, awe cements

2 thoughts on “Endings (in a sijo): NPM23 Day 6

  1. mbhmaine

    How perfect to celebrate your journey’s end with poetry. You’ve used such strong word choice throughout. It looks like you had an amazing vacation. I really do have to head west someday. If only my schedule were a bit more flexible! At any rate, I’m also impressed that you took on the sijo form. I was a bit intimidated when I read about all those syllable groupings! Well done!


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