Prime Learning: NPM23 Day 11

Prime numbers, creating limits and brevity of language, a structure to build with. Many thanks to Erika at #verselove for a prompt that asks us to craft a poem that explores an abstract concept using lines built of prime numbers. I’m not sure that everyone will agree with me, but I see learning as an abstract concept–one that is hard to pin down and define. As one who spends all day with young learners, I’m constantly reminding myself to get out of the way and let the learners in my room do their thing. I’m not quite satisfied with my effort–and I really wanted to end up with a prime total. Maybe I’ll get some feedback that can lead me back in that direction!

Prime Learning

Define learning: Time for play, messing and making, hands in and hands on

like water through stone, it will find its way through to joy

explore, engage, express — get out of the way

if you let learning happen

pitched squeals of delight

in their eyes


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