Free Write: NPM23 Day 14

It was serendipity that today’s #verselove prompt by Margaret coincided with an exploration of “Tiny Perfect Things” in my classroom today. We read the book by the same name and then picked a tiny perfect thing as the subject of our poetry. Students wrote some wonderful pieces–I wish I had jotted down some of their wonderful lines to share with you all! That will have to be another post.

My tiny perfect thing piece was inspired by a photo I took this week…of a dandelion growing in a crack in the road in my neighborhood.

Road cracked

dandelion rooted



yellow blossom


Take note:

live in possibility

turn lemons

into lemonade

find the silver lining

Inhale deeply

exhale a wish

for generations

seeds floating

whose dreams will come true?

What can we learn from a dandelion?

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