Pocket Poems: NPM23 Day 25

With Poem in your Pocket Day coming up on Thursday, we studied Amy Ludwig VanDerwater’s poem by the same name. In her poem, Amy sees a bird out her window and wonders, “if this bird had pockets, if this bird could write, would it scribble poems about nectar? humming?flight?” The poem comes from her book, If This Bird Had Pockets: A Poem in Your Pocket Day Celebration where she includes poems written from a variety of different animals’ point of view. So after reading a couple more poems from this book, of course we had to write our own pocket poems. While I suggested writing about a favorite animal, and after yesterday’s success with 16-word poems I encouraged students to try another short poem…students went in their own directions. And in a short period of time, pocket poems began to emerge from the pencils of the first graders in my class. Here’s a taste:

E who often writes about wolves and dogs, today wrote her pocket poem about friendship

You and Me

we walk to my


a tornado of


just you and


we are

together forever

C took me up on the animal invitation


a spiky prickly ball

of sweetness uncurling

to its burrow

going to its mother

to eat breakfast

And G explored one of our favorite ocean animals

Dolphins are Amazing

dolphins zip to


leap up up


and back down


caring considerate and


My own poem featured a hummingbird


If this iridescent


had pockets they’d


whipped-cream air


from wings blindingly


Maybe we’ll tuck these poems in our pockets tomorrow to share with those who cross our paths. How will you celebrate Poem in Your Pocket Day?

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