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The Grand-ness of Small

When I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge yesterday I started to think about photos to represent the word grand.  Would I choose a picture of the ocean?  A sunset?  The magnificence of the redwoods?  The intricate design of a bridge?  Should I focus on the size…the “wow” factor…or something else?  I went to bed last night without posting because I really couldn’t decide which photo to post.

This morning when I woke up and headed down to the kitchen I noticed that our Christmas cactus had bloomed.  For most of the year the Christmas cactus is a pretty ordinary green plant with characteristic sharp spines expected of a cactus.  But once a year (or more if we’re lucky), usually in December, the cactus develops red buds that open in a spectacular burst of color.

When I saw the blossoms this morning I couldn’t wait to get out my macro lens and try to capture some of that splendor in a photograph.  I love the idea that this small blossom represents grand.  When we look closely and notice the details, we can find the beauty and magnificence in the tiniest of places.

This is the unedited photo that I captured this morning.  I hope my photo helps you see the grand in this blossom!