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A Walk on the Beach

Today I spent time doing one of my favorite things in the world.  I took an extended walk on the beach at low tide.  I’m lucky that I live close enough to the beach that I can go without making it an all day outing, but I do live far enough away to have to deal with the lack of parking that is the hallmark of summer in a beach community.  And I love my beach walks…today was one of those beautiful summer days just perfect for a walk.

I love these walks!  At the beginning of my walk I do a lot of people watching as I navigate the families and tourists enjoying the sand and the ocean.  There are pails and shovels, boogie boards and water wings, sunscreen and snacks.  Frisbees sail overhead, paddle balls bounce and roll, footballs splash into the water, and there’s always someone trying to fly a kite above it all.  Babies squeal, teenagers preen, and surfers tend to ignore it all as they paddle out beyond all the ruckus of summer beach.

As I continue down the beach, the crowd thins and the constant and soothing sound of the surf washes over me.  The sun warms my face and shoulders, the briny breeze tickles my hair, and the cool surf plays hide and seek with my toes.  I came across this abandoned sand castle today.  Carefully crafted, yet temporary.


As I pass the fishermen (or in today’s case a fisherboy) I start to see more shells and stop to photograph a couple that are particularly beautiful…and have me thinking mathematically as I consider symmetry (my focus for #sdawpphotovoices this week) and Fibonacci spirals.


As the beach turns a corner I notice a seagull holding a plastic bag in his mouth.  This makes me think about how clean the beach has been on my walks this summer, and I approach the seagull with my camera both to take a photo and to get it to drop the bag so I can throw it away.  As I come closer, the seagull hops away, staying well beyond where I seem to be a threat.  I never could get it to drop the bag…


On my way back up the beach I noticed the paddle boarders off the point we call Swamis. They each stand on a big longboard with a paddle for navigation.  Today there was a group of four out there.  From the shore it almost looks like they are just standing on top of the water!  The best of them are able to catch an occasional wave, although mostly they seem to just paddle around beyond the break where the waves start to form.  I also caught a different seagull resting on a rock, posing perfectly for me to capture with my camera lens.


There is nothing like a relaxing walk on the beach on a sunny Saturday afternoon.  This has been a busy summer for me without much time for vacation.  I’m lucky to live where a two-hour staycation is the perfect way to refresh, relax, and reflect.