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Sweet Peas: Day 19

I found myself searching for the flowers without knowing they were there.  The distinctive smell of sweet peas wafted through the office, and even as I headed out the door, I had stop to both smell them and take a photo.  I’m wondering if they came from our school garden.

sweet peas

Is it Summer Yet?


I could smell them

before I could see them

fragrance afloat

drifting down the hallways of my mind

a time machine of smells

taking me back

to those warm carefree


backyard days

when the smell of sweet peas

spring’s perfume


that summer is near


Douillard 2018

Some of my students have gotten quite playful in their poetic compositions–both created as found poems.  The first about dogs…

Tail Wagging Fun

Puppies, dogs all
All chasing their tails
Wagging tails this is
Cutie the cure for boredom
Companion circle time!


and the second about dance.



Musical instruments

An art form

Music in the air

The grace, strength, and poise of the dancers

The art form


Balance, flexibility, posture




Day 19 is a perfect day to play around with topics and ideas for your poetry.  What will you write today?

More Found Poems: Day 18

As promised in yesterday’s entry, today’s post will include some of my students’ found poems. This was not an easy process–many students expressed frustration with not having all the words they wanted to use.  Many stuck to the topic of the Wonder they picked, a few branched out to a different topic.

Koa read Do You Like Grapefruit? and “found” this poem in it.


Grapefruits are

so sweet

so large

and kind of sour

the forbidden

fruit sinks

into your teeth

a citrusy snack

of wonder and joy


in big clusters



Grayson chose to learn about pandas and wrote this poem:

China Pandas

Cuddly bamboo lovers

black and white

adorable creatures

with love and peace

they climb giants

and spread happiness

in China.


And Avi, who has a passion for motorcycles, choose an article about motorcycles to “find” his motorcycle poem.

The Motorcycle




a motorcycle

full of force

maintaining stability

keeping upright

a motorcycle


I sent my students home today with an invitation to explore a math wonder and “find” a math poem in the process.  Here’s my poem, “found” in this article about triangles.


Sides, angles

square, rectangle, triangle


great minds

classify, name

a variety of triangles




and angles




combine and count

it’s geometry

the experts decided

Douillard 2018

And all that thinking about triangles and angles reminded me of the bridges I saw and crossed in Portland last week.  So here’s some geometry in action!

bridge angles

Take a look around for some mathematical inspiration for your poetry!