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Found: Day 17

Inspired by blogger Molly Hogan over at Nix the Comfort Zone, I decided to try my hand at some found poetry…and to introduce my students to this process as well.  To ensure student choice and accessible reading, I decided to head over to Wonderopolis and choose a Wonder of the Day as my source for a found poem.

I picked the article, Where Does Sea Glass Come From? and set off to select words that would become my own original poem.  Following Molly’s model, I decided that I would only use words I “found,” not changing word endings or adding any words of my own.

sea glass

Sea Glass



Works of art

Ocean recycles

Frosted, smooth

Mermaid’s tears



Water, waves, and sand



Bottles, jars



Collect glass

Collect art


Examine colors




And clear



Sea glass


Douillard 2018

My students selected their own wonders today and started reading and selecting the words they would use for their own found poems.  We ran out of time before they finished, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for some examples of their found poetry.

I do have a couple of Haiku from the two students who have not yet had a poem appear on my blog yet this month.  The first is a Haiku about Haiku:


a Haiku makes you
use cuts and say five seven five
made 12th centuries
The other was inspired by a plant:

Lush green reaching up
to the shady blue, never ending
sculpture with stained white
Where are you finding poems today?

Poster Poems, Found Poetry: Remixed

One of my fellow #clmooc-ers, Vanessa Vaile, posted this invitation in the G+ community to remix, hack, create found poetry…and it’s been sitting in the back of my mind, waiting for the opportunity to find its place on my blog.

This morning the twittersphere handed my this poem and it has stayed with me all day, begging me to think about ways to remix and recreate and combine it with my photography.

The World Is in Pencil


—not pen. It’s got
that same silken
dust about it, doesn’t it,
that same sense of
having been roughed
onto paper even
as it was planned.
It had to be a labor
of love. It must’ve
taken its author some
time, some shove.
I’ll bet it felt good
in the hand—the o

of the ocean, and

the and and the and

of the land.

Source: Poetry (November 2011).

And so, here is my remixed version:
The World Is in Pencil: Remixed
Pencil in the ocean
and the land
Authored with labor
roughed by silken dust.
Love it
shove it
take time
to feel, to handle
Until you can see
as if it was planned
the world 
inked on paper.
A map of your life.
This photo was also remixed.  Taking a photo I took earlier this week,
I wanted to create a sense of pencil and sketch, roughed and labored.
I used the app Sketch on my iPhone to create this effect.
Here is the original:
Try your hand at found poetry…I invite you to remix mine or find
something that speaks to you.  How might you remix a photo or
other image to go with it?  Be sure to share!