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Good Morning

When I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge on the Daily Post this week I realized that even though I am a morning person, I don’t take many photos in the morning.  So the prompt, Good Morning, has made me think about that.

Saturday, because I was at a conference at UC Davis, I stopped by our favorite bagel shop right next to the Starbucks for a quick and carry breakfast.  And while I was waiting for my order I noticed the beauty of the donuts in the case near the cash register.  That shiny chocolate was tempting…I resisted the donut, but did take a photo!


I also took a photo of the sun through the fall trees…and then played with it in one of my photo editing apps.


Earlier in the week I spent some time with my son and daughter-in-law and stayed in this funky little hotel.  I took this photo as I headed to check out in the morning.


I like the hint of light over the top of the hills in the distance.  And then at my son’s apartment I noticed the tools in his shower.  Why don’t I have a pad of waterproof paper and a pencil hanging in my shower for those soothing water-induced inspirations in the morning?


I found this one this morning on my way to work as the sun rose through the Torrey pines.


What says good morning to you?