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At Not Quite Sunset: Day 21

After a long and productive day spent with my local writing project colleagues, Geoff and I set off for a quick dinner at a local dive.  Afterwards, I talked him into a stop by the beach–even though it was not quite sunset and we were not willing to wait to experience sunset.  (And to be honest, it was a bit grey so the certainty of even being able to see the sunset was in question)

But it didn’t stop me from wandering down the path from the cliff to the shore and snapping some pictures as I breathed in some fresh sea air and stretched out those legs that sat too much today.

not quite sunset

At Not Quite Sunset


At not quite sunset

when the clouds gather like cotton candy

blushing pink before the sun dips low

surfers rush

down the narrow cliffside path

in the ocean, they bob and wait for the perfect curl

to launch them toward shore

and I wander, seeking treasures through my lens

finding inspiration in the gray

in the blue, as the waves breathe in and out

at not quite sunset.


Douillard 2018

It looks like Max was also inspired by the ocean.  Here’s his poem:


Let the sunbeam shower on your back
as you fly like a bird with the flow of dolphins
finally, you lay down on the sand to rest for tomorrow
as you hear the waves screaming to the shore.


Where do you find inspiration?