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I Love Mondays: SOLC 2019 Day 4

I love Mondays.  Really.  There is something about the start of the week, a clean slate to write my life.  The fresh faces of my students, energized and eager after a weekend at home.  And this morning,  a rainbow guiding me on my drive to work!  A rainbow on a Monday morning commute has to be a good omen.


In my classroom, Mondays are productive.  It’s the day I have the most uninterrupted time with my third graders.  We flowed from learning activity to learning activity, moving from engaged conversations about the right age for children to be left home alone to small group investigations creating geometric shapes from 4 triangles.  Recess times snuck up on us and the day was over in a blink.  My favorite kind of day in the classroom.

I ended my day with a mind clearing walk on the beach, matching the rhythm of my breaths with the inhale and exhale of the waves.  And as I reached my turnaround point, I found a message in the sand.


I love Mondays!