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The City of Books: Day 12

Today was a day for urban adventures–in the pouring rain, of course.  No trip to the Portland area is complete without a visit to Powells, the most amazing bookstore ever.  (And trust me, I have been to many, many bookstores.  I have many favorite bookstores in many different cities, but Powells is something every book lover should experience.)  So my poem for Day 12 was inspired by a book I bought today (one of several) called Things to Do by Elaine Magliaro.


Things to Do if You’re a Book

Open doors to worlds beyond imagination
where characters become dear friends and worst enemies
And offer glimpses into places
our feet haven’t touched.
Introduce us to people and experiences
We haven’t yet encountered
And give us a whirl in their shoes
in their skin, in their minds.
Take us beyond our backyard fences
Where we can hear whispers
Of time gone by and what is still to come.
Unplug us from the virtual world
And let us lose ourselves
In a labyrinth of words.
Douillard 2018
Here’s a student poem full of imagination, apparently inspired by time in the kitchen!

The Pan

So much depends

A sizzle
a fry

Just rimmed
with a
simmer and a shine

Beside the
chicken fry

By Hadley

And another inspired by observing a hummingbird in the garden.



The hummingbird twirls with excitement

so fast

almost as fast as the flash.


Even the rainbow tries to form fast enough

to see the particle effect.


That is the color

that you dream.



What’s inspiring your poetry today?