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A Balancing Act

Over at the NWP iAnthology, this week’s writing prompt is about the art of balance and that never ending question of how people balance their personal lives and their work lives and still gets all that they want to get done done.

That balance question is a tricky one…and I think the answer is idiosyncratic.  Each of us must define for ourselves what balance means.  On some days I feel miserable: too tired and overwhelmed to focus on the things I value.  On those days I’m often not eating right, I skip exercise, my family feels neglected, and my work suffers.  That’s when I drop the ball and need to step back and reevaluate.


For me the secret to balance is in prioritizing.  I try to focus on what I love in both my work and my personal life…and lucky for me, there is lots of overlap!  I try to spend my time with people who give me energy rather than take it away.  I try to spend my time on projects that are interesting and generative and delegate tasks when I can.  And I try to make time for fun.  It might be as simple as a walk or some time taking photos or even texting with my sons…I find that those relatively quick and simple activities are rejuvenating.  They improve my spirits, make me feel good…and best of all, seem to have a positive impact on both my work and relationships!

Like everyone else, I feel the stresses of overwork and expectations from time to time.  And this month is always a difficult one for me with report cards and holidays added to the regular everyday demands.  I’m reminding myself to stop and breathe.  And then to walk and take some photos…so instead of dropping the ball, I can take a fun picture of an abandoned ball (dropped by someone else) on the beach!

What do you do to achieve balance in your life?  What activities give you energy?