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September Smooth

The first week of September at #sdawpphotovoices had us looking for texture…specifically taking photos that focused on #smooth.  And while I could find photo subjects that were smooth, I found myself pushing to create more interesting photographic images.

I played with frames and framing and with cropping and the effects of filters using photography apps.  Here’s a fun one from yesterday that has nothing to do with smooth.


This bride and her groom were being photographed on the beach…and this guy on his bicycle rode by at the perfect time to get him in the shot.  I love the juxtaposition of these people in my shot.

I think my favorite image of smoothness is this picture of a smooth rock swirling in the smoothness of the surf.  It’s funny because I had bent down to capture this smooth rock and my sunglasses fell onto the ground before I snapped the shot.  When I grabbed them and reset myself to take the shot I nearly landed in the water–the surf had come back up without me noticing and surprised me as I remained low to the ground to get my shot.  Sometimes happy accidents make the best photos!


I was obviously not at my smoothest, but I like this #smooth shot!