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That Kid: SOL23 Day 23

Do you have “that kid” in your class? You know, the one who drives you crazy one minute and then offers insightful commentary the next.

This student could talk non-stop the entire school day if given the chance–even filling the silences with self-talk when everyone else is quietly engaged in headphones. Sometimes the talk is funny, sometimes caustic, sometimes serious and always constant.

Yesterday after school I decided to take a stroll around campus to check out the drainage (or lack thereof) I had noticed the day before. Our play area had quite literally turned into a mini lake! My student who was attending our after care program saw me and came over to see what I was up to. We fell into easy conversation, talking about the play area, the lake the previous day, and how the rocks had “tumbled and turned” because of the water. To my surprise, the water had drained and while the area was still damp it was no longer flooded. We walked the perimeter of the campus, noticing new growth, looking over our new building, and generally enjoying time together just chatting, observing, and noticing.

Note to self: some students learn and process information through their words. Remember to be patient with “that kid.”